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Re: [tlug] Commonly Unusable Printjob Sinkhole

Hi tlug,

Simple comment.

IMHO, The document 'CUPS Printing Setup mini-HowTo'
should up to date (It's written in 2005!)

If my English is good and my knowledge is also enough,
I'll try do that, but...  Anyone can help me?

And we have some forums:

CUPS forums:

OpenPrinting forums:

Why these are not enough for us?  Anything else we need?

Yes I know CUPS still have many problem and version 1.4
had changed big 'cause of Apple request, but for desktop
printing (from Firefox, OOo or such kind of GUI application),
we can't replace CUPS to lprng totally.

If lprng is enough for you, it's okay, but *I* think I have to
do something to improve CUPS 'cause I love desktop linux.

Naruhiko Ogasawara (

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