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[tlug] troll trough a hoard of small, files Re: vfat or ext2 for a shared (linux, vista) partition

 (2010/06/08 8:29), Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:
If you are trying it with very old machines (80GB ATA drives, AthlonXP
CPU...), it will be quite slower than vfat. In most cases you'll
notice speed differences only if you troll trough a hoard of small
files (e.g. replacing EXIF  timestamps in millions of JPEGs). For
day-to-day use, there should be no differences.
I don't think 6MB JPEG files are small but exiftools takes an hour,
if not hours, to change 200-400+ EXIF files.

This is still mystery for me and I don't know why it takes so long..

Do you care to explain?


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