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[tlug] problem with MBR

Hello People ,
Hope you all are doing great !
[ I had initally made my system dual boot, with Ubuntu 9.10 and windows Vista, but coz of some major issues(may be I did some mistake in the partitioning ) I could never use windows. When I tried booting through Windows my system started system recovery after which i couldnt follow coz  instructions were in japanese. It finally took away the grub and took me to-  grub rescue >  , 
I tried recovering MBR but nothing worked.    ]
Now I have freshly installed Windows Vista on my machine. But still the problem exists.
Problem : MBR is misplaced (thats what it seems like)
When I start my system (when booting through hard disk) it takes me to ...
grub rescue >
But when using a boot CD (using Parted magic CD ) can boot the system  .
I would like to make my system dual boot coz my requirements.
Can anybody help me how to do it.
->Get the MBR fixed and make the system dual boot.
System specs :
RAM: 4 gb
HDD: 500gb
Thanks !


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