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Re: [tlug] Android Phone

andrew holway wrote:
Hi Tluggers,

I want to get my old man an android phone. Suggestions please!

Will he be using this in the US or Japan? If Japan, there's only one supported device at this time, the HT-03 (HTC magic) from Docomo. Other UMTS devices like the Hero from are technically compatible but you'd be playing roulette with the packet charges since carriers can detect the IMEI numbers and decide that the unlimited packet rates don't apply. Also, the paid market apps only appear when using a Docomo SIM. This may change when Softbank begins selling Android devices next year.

Network issue aside I can tell you that the Hero is a very nice device. While the Milestone (Droid) has a faster CPU, I find the Hero quite snappy. The Milestone also has a larger and higher resolution screen which I very much envy. Friends tell me the Droid keyboard is too small to be usable and I'm not sure if it can be used for Japanese input. The Milestone has an LED flash which could help since the Hero's camera performs very poorly in low light.

As for the OS, HTC has stated that they're working on eclair (Android 2.0) for the Hero which is currently still on 1.5 cupcake. Their releases are a bit slow since they add customizations like the sense UI. Unfortunately their customization also includes some useless apps that start on boot and can't be killed nor uninstalled without rooting the phone.

I'll bring my Hero to the next meeting or nomikai if anyone wants to try it.


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