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Re: [tlug] Computer parts people might have use for

Hi there,

I'd be interested in all of the SD cards, and can pick them up in Shibuya. Are they still available?


2009/11/9 Dave M G <>

Alongside some of the unusable computer parts I am disposing, I have a
few perfectly good working things that people might have use for.

2 x 1GB RAM:
The speed is "533", which I don't really know what that means, but I
know that when I bought my new motherboard I had to get a speed of over
"600" magical speed points or whatever they are. So I can't use these,
but someone with a slightly older machine might be able to bump up their
RAM with these. Just to be clear, we're talking 2 sticks of 1 GB each.
Also, as you probably know, they have notches in them so they'll only
fit particular slots. I don't really know how one determines which RAM
is compatible with what slots, but if you're asking for them, I'll
assume you do.

SD Cards:
1 x 128 MB standard size
1 x 1 GB standard size
1 x 2 GB standard size
1 x 128 MB Mini SD (*not* micro)

400 W Power Supply unit:
Works fine, and it's quiet. However, it was in use for a couple of
years, for whatever that's worth. I was advised when upgrading my system
to get a slightly more powerful Power Supply, so that's why this one is

Sound Blaster Sound Card:
It's very shiny and new looking, but don't ask me too much about specs.
I have an external USB digital audio thing for my audiophile needs, so I
only ever had the Sound Blaster because... well, I don't even know why.
New Motherboard has 6 channel sound anyway, so this should probably go
to someone who might get more out of it.

All of these items are offered with the standard disclaimer that so far
as I know they all work perfectly, but once they leave my hands they are
as-is and I can't take responsibility for their quality or performance.

As for pricing... well, basically I don't know if they are really worth
anything. The RAM and the Power Supply probably at least have a non-zero
value, but I'm not going to sweat it. Here's the thing - they'll go for
free to anyone who asks, but if anyone wants to be generous and swing me
a modest amount of yen or whatever, then that's who they'll go to.

If you want me to mail them to you, I send them chakubarai (C.O.D) and
package them with whatever I have available. This particular set of
stuff should mail pretty easily.

Otherwise please meet me to pick them up somewhere near Shibuya, Ebisu,
or Hiroo area.

Priority goes to people interested in taking more items, ideally all of

Please contact me off list if interested.

Dave M G

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