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Re: [tlug] Database frontend in Linux

On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 06:05:13PM +0900, Raedwolf Summoner wrote:
> > Christian Horn kakimashta:
> > Like Josh i think you need a searchengine.  Having big binary
> > chunks as objects in real databases wouldnt help you.
> Pardon my greenhorn status, Christian, but I'm afraid I don't 
> understand the difference. I do know that a relational database 
> is way more than I need, but beyond that, I'm lost. 

Thats enough to know ;)
A database would move or copy the data like soundfiles inside of it, 
making the data harder to backup etc.

> > I use ampache for this.  Its indexing musicfiles into database in
> > its back.  Music searching/listening is done via webfrontend.
> > Amarok as standalone desktop application could also help
> Thanks, Christian. I have been using Kaffeine, as it is the only 
> program I have been able to get to work on all my Linux boxes. With 
> the others I've been able to get success on some boxes but not 
> others, dunno why. Totem insists on offering to search for the 
> relevant codecs but never comes up with anything, although Kaffeine 
> seems to already have the codecs. My main home computer is 64-bit, 
> the others are 32-bit, dunno if that matters but I have the relevant 
> 32-bit and 64-bit OSes installed, and I'm running SUSE 11.1 with 
> Gnome on all of them, except the brand-new 64-bit laptop that I 
> haven't got around to installing a real OS on yet.

Kaffeine isnt really nice on managing your files, its more of a pure
player, using it here for accessing tv via DVB-C.
Regarding the codecs kaffeine as from debian unstable plays most im-
portant stuff.  Most videos i play with mplayer and vlc.  Former one
can be nicely compiled after installing some basic development
packages, for debian those files are part of my notes for fresh debian-
installs: .

VLC is another great player with packages available for many distros.
The 32/64 problems you mentioned did apply for video-codecs in the
old times bevore mplayer existed. Codecs from windows were used to play
i.e. divx-videos.


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