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[tlug] Visit 4nchor5 la6 Hacker Space with Mitch Altman - Tonight!


Mitch Altman[1] gave an interesting talk at TokyoBarcamp[2] on hacker
spaces.  Tonight he will be visiting the 4nchor5 la6 hacker space.  If
you are interested please join in.

Mitch Altman wrote:
> Anyone interested in visiting 4nchor5 la6[3], the existing Tokyo
> hacker space should meet at Spiral at 17:00 on Tuesday.  From there,
> Daito Manabe will bring us to the space and show us around.  If you
> would like to come, but can't come till later, please email me and I
> will send you my cell phone number so you can give me a call when you
> arrive at Spiral.  Here is the info on how to get to Spiral:
> It is close to Omotesando station.
> If you missed my presentation on hacker spaces at BarCamp, you can
> still catch it (with a Japanese translator) at the Tokyo Maker Meeting
> on Saturday at 12:30.  Here's the info on the Tokyo Maker Meeting this
> weekend (where I'll also be giving a workshop on how to solder and how
> to make cool things with microcontrollers, including how to make your
> your own Brain Machine, TV-B-Gone, and other cool projects that you'll
> be able to make yourself and bring home with you):
> There should be lots of way cool stuff at the Maker Meeting!  Anything
> from way geeky tech to crafts and arts and music.  It's free.  Please
> come on by.


3. ( 日本語)

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