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[tlug] multi lingual web pages

Hi everyone. I recently uploaded a multi lingual web page, English, Japanese, Singapore Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The web developer scripted the web pages for this charset, euc-TW. For some reason, the Traditional Chinese fonts show up as unreadable characters. I explained this to my boss, but he things I can make changes to our apache server httpd.conf file which is running on Fedora 9. I looked up changes I can make and I have added AddCharSet EUC-TW .euc-tw. I also changed options to Multiviews. Still. strange characters appear. When I switch the browser to Chinese encoding, it works fine. Is there a way to make the apache server ensure that the right charset will be used when browsing? I know there are two methods using maps and multiview. As I said, I did change the multiview word, but the problem still persists? Any ideas?

Forrest Nelson

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