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Re: [tlug] "Open source: Made in Japan?" blog

On 2008-03-31 11:49 -0700 (Mon), Jesse Casman wrote:

> More energy and action than I expected. Today, Matt Asay at CNET
> blogged about some of the same things based on some conversations
> we've had.

This is not really all that new. The KAME IPv6 stack, used today in all
of the BSDs, was developed in Japan in the '90s (and there may have been
another one, too--I don't recall). Japan has for many years, possibly
even a decade or more, been the country with the second largest number
of NetBSD developers, after the U.S. of course. Ricoh has been using
NetBSD as the OS for their network-enabled copiers for many years. And
these are just a few bits of anecdotal evidence.

I think that the language and culture barrier has just been keeping
westerners from noticing the amount of OSS work being done here.

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