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[tlug] recommendations for user friendly CMS?

Hi everyone,

Joy of joys! The company where I work is sadly almost 100% Microsoft,
and up until now I haven't had much of a chance to use Linux here
outside of my own personal workstations. However my boss has just sat us
down and asked that we develop an internal website for our branch
office, and because he is interested in emerging technologies and open
source, I've got the green light to build our homepage with Linux. I'm
thinking of following the standard LAMP setup on Centos, but I'm not
sure which CMS to go for. I've been using Joomla for a few years but I
want to make it so site content can easily be uploaded by the end users
here (some of whom are ironically not too gifted in I.T. despite working
at an I.T. company) so I'm wondering if there isn't an easier CMS. We're
planning on having a wiki, gallery2, blogs and possibly streaming
content via flash objects. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any
advice. Finally some fun at work!


Scott VanDusen

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