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Re: [tlug] Re: Building a new box

Kenneth Burling wrote:
AM2 == good
core duo (intel) == buggy
SATA == ok
nVidia + Maxtor SATA == not good

I am not worried too much about virtualization, but I do like the idea of being able to access DDR2 ram. I've been looking at boards today in Yokohama. Best prices I saw so far were at Softmap in Vivre, 7th floor. Yodobashi camera has an obsession with intel at the moment. :P AM2 processors though are chotto takai... I'm not used to paying more for the chip than the board. I may need to see what I can find online. ^^;; I have access to the US postal system, so if I can get a better price online, I should go for it. :)

A lot of the newer boards though seem to be going in the home theater direction... Supped up audio and remote controls... Not sure how that will intereact with Linux. hehe :P

I haven't found any place radically cheaper or better than these guys:

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