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Re: [tlug] Using autoresponse

> Kara-mail services
Thank you! is this the kara-mail website?
On 2/14/07, Zev Blut <zb@??> wrote:

For those who are not accustomed to Japanese mobile services, I would
like to share a bit about Kara-mail services.  Kara-mail is basically
an autoresponse like service that Andres is asking for.  Many mobile
sites offer customers a way of discovering the mobile site's URL,
subscribing to a mail magazine and so forth by having the user send an
empty mail to a designated address.  The mobile provider then sends
the user a response with the URL to the site and or some sort of
coupon/ confirmation.  This is a pretty common service that is well
accepted by the Japanese market.  Some prefer this method than
directly inputting the URL to a web site in their mobile phone.  Lots
of advertisements in the trains have both a URL and a mail address
posted.  Some of may not like it, but it may be necessary to implement
if you want to do work in Japan.

Granted in many cases this is designed only for mobile phones so the
provider could filter out empty mails coming from other domains and or
mails not coming from the mobile carriers' mail servers.  So this may
help remove attack vectors for spammers.


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