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Re: [tlug] FW: Contact to Linux User Group Tokyo

On 2006/08/29@??:32, <Josh Glover> wrote:
  > Heinz-M. Graesing <> wrote:
  > >  My Name is Heinz-M. Graesing, a Sytem Administrator of the local
  > >  Government of a small Town in Germany (Treuchtlingen). We're using
  > >  Linux on the Desktop now for four Years - at the moment Debian and
  > >  Gentoo - and were one of the first Institutions in Europe using Linux
  > >  for everyday business. I've visited Hanoi for a congress last year:
  > >
  > >  I've never been to Japan and I don't know anybody - so maybe we could
  > >  meet (I don't seek for "fulltime entertainment" - I thougt maybe for
  > >  an evening ?!) and have a little talk about Linux and your Country.
  > Sounds great to me. What nights are you free, Heinz? I would suggest
  > the evening of Friday, 08 September, for a nomikai (which your
  > girlfriend should be able to translate--it means "drinking party").
  > How does that sound to you? Are other TLUGgers interested in having a
  > pint and a chat with Heinz?

Sounds good to me too!


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