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Re: [tlug] Art Tyde Meeting

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006 22:40:25 +0900, "Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon"
<> wrote:

> Is there any problem with importing rather large (30-45 minute) .wav 
> files into AudaCity?

None whatsoever.

I've been using audacity as part of the process of getting my old VHS tapes
onto DVD. I've been dealing with audio files at 48KHz/16-bit/stereo of up
to 3 hours.

Note that audacity doesn't load all the audio data into RAM (in fact I'd
rather it did sometimes with a gig of RAM to play with) and the data is
split up into as many .au files of about 1 meg each as needed (take a look
inside audacity's temp storage directory next time you use it).

G. Stewart -

The average nutritional value of promises is roughly zero.

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