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Re: [tlug] Nice kanji fonts for TeX/LaTeX

>>>>> "sjt" == Stephen J Turnbull <> writes:

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Metzler <> writes:
    Marcus> Is there an easy way to get LaTeX to use scalable fonts
    Marcus> that would result in less blocky large kanji?

    sjt> I find TeX's font usage to be a real mess (not that anything
    sjt> else is actually straightforward, but TeX is worse than
    sjt> almost anything else).  What I currently do is use the EUC-JP
    sjt> encoding and CJK in LaTeX, process the .dvi with pdfdvimx,
    sjt> and then display or print the PDF file.

    sjt> Although xdvi displays fine, dvipsk doesn't seem to grok the
    sjt> fonts, or maybe the printer driver (CUPS really really really
    sjt> blows!) doesn't.  I didn't do anything special (this is with
    sjt> DarwinPorts on the Mac, though; I haven't got around to
    sjt> adding TeX to my new Gentoo box and the old Debian one still
    sjt> uses a really crufty homebrew lashup of pLaTeX, Ghostscript
    sjt> 8.5x, and CID fonts).

 I don't know if it was just the broken tetex installation or the new
tetex version that I installed, but with the information from
and some ttf fonts from the web or my japanese windows fonts from my
notebook, I can get quite nice fonts now. I use a postscript printer,
but even with xdvi or gv the pages look great and you can really scale
them up to a big size without them getting ugly.

The important part, was finding the correct file ( I had
about 4 on my system).


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