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Re: [tlug] Nice kanji fonts for TeX/LaTeX

On 23/02/06, Marcus Metzler <> wrote:

> Creating the flash cards is not that hard.

No, it is not. :)

> Lingua::JP::Kanjidic module for PERL found here

Yes, I discovered this module last week, and promptly found a bug. I
need to submit a patch to the CPAN bug-tracker (hell, maybe I will
take over maintaining Simon's module, since he is out of the CPAN
world now).

Here is how to exercise the bug:

use strict;
use warnings;

use Lingua::JP::Kanjidic ();

my $x = Lingua::JP::Kanjidic->new()
  or die "$0: could not construct new Lingua::JP::Kanjidic object";

my $kanji = $x->lookup("学");

This is caused because the L::J::K object's internal {last_sought}
member is initialised to 0, not 1, as it should be (since line 0 of
the kanjidic file is a comment header). To work around it, I just do
this right after constructing the object:

$x->{last_sought} = 1;

Nasty, but it works. :)

I want a little more data on my cards than you have (since I am not
using the Heisig method), so I will keep plugging away here. Does
anyone have good ideas on how to programmatically acquire the six most
common compounds involving a specific kanji?


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