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Re: [tlug] unicode and Perl- how to pass command line unicodearguments

David E said:
 >utf8::decode does its work in place on $x.

Thanks David-- that was it. And yes I have now read perldoc utf8. Still 
finding my way around perl documentation.

At last, I think, I can do my unicode manipulated search stuff complete 
with command line input of the search argument to be massaged to take 
care of weeding out punctuation, new lines etc, and itaiji etc.

All things come to he who bangs his head against perl long enough. And 
asks his good guru's at TLUG.

And Steven T.-- Thanks for the background discussion. As always, very 
helpful. But, I do hope its not as bad as you say with perl and unicode. 
I have finally got comfortable with its programming style, and I hope I 
have worked through the unicode hidden traps that matter to me. (yeah, 
right, and Billy Goat Gates will go Open Source.)

Python may be better, as you say, but I really don't want to learn 
another language, not this month anyway. I only left lisp behind because 
it was too slow and I needed to solve this searching problem.

David Riggs, Kyoto

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