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Re: [tlug] How to Push Linux! .......................

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On Tue, Feb 07, 2006 at 01:14:50PM +0900, Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:
> Scott Robbins wrote:
> >
> Okay.  Thanks for pointing that out.  My mistake is that I thought the 
> words and ideas were competing of their own merit and were not being 
> prejudged according to who wrote them.

Not true.  Never was, never will be.  Take your own viewpoints--would
you be more likely to believe something said by Bill Gates or by Linus

> Okay - I see your point.  Still I'm feeling powerfully miffed, but then 
> I have a completely different background from most of the vocal people 
> on this list and so I should expect radically different ways of viewing 
> the world.

That could well be.  I think many of the more vocal people on this list
see the computer as an end, whereas to you, it seems that it may be more
of a means to an end.  

> >  
> >
> Right, except I think that when you have the option of making an 
> accurate quote, then there is no excuse for changing the words - 
> especially in a case like this.  There is a huge difference between 
> saying that you hate a company and saying that they must be "defeated at 
> any cost".  In fact thinking of that phrase "at any cost" being 
> inaccurately attributed to me, I'm in a red-hot rage all over again.  
> God that makes me angry!  I sure as he*l did NOT say that, and anyone 
> who has their half-joking words of overstated criticism misconstrued in 
> this way has a right to be angry.

Hrrm, I think this distinction is more important to you than to others.
To me, the feeling is the same.  Again, I suspect that since Josh knows
you, he's less careful about quoting you exactly than he would be with a

While I can't read your mind of course (I'm only psychotic, not
psychic) it seems as if you feel that people will read that you said,
"at any cost," and would take that to mean that it's ok to torture
kittens if it means bringing down MS.  Honestly, I don't think any of us
would take it that way (save perhaps for Shawn, who hates cats) but
would simply take it as metaphorical, or perhaps hyperbole, simply
meaning that you feel hate for them. 

At any rate, I went to a co-worker's funeral today.  There are so many
things more important than this.  Life is too short to get bent out of
shape about things, even being misquoted. 

Philosophically yours,

- -- 

Scott Robbins

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It doesn't matter where we came from, what we've done or
suffered or even if we can make a difference.  We live as though the
world was what it should be, to show what it can be
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