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Re: [tlug] How to Push Linux! .......................

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>You're welcome to your opinion about Microsoft, and it would be nice
>if something could be done about Microsoft's aggressive behavior.  But
>I'm afraid aggressive, "gray-area"[1] business practices will be with
>us always.

It's my assertion that saying "But there are others guilty too!" or "But 
they are more guilty than I!" etc. is no defense, but rather just 
another way of saying "Yes, I'm guilty and I have no defense other than 
to divert your attention to other guilty parties. Let's all be guiltily 
and then - truly 'Perception is Reality'!'"


No. Perception is not reality, and rotten is rotten, even if most of the 
companies are rotten, their mutual rottenness does not make for cleanliness!

All said in a friendly manner to you of course!


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