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Re: [tlug] [tlug-digest] Large Network Systems

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 16:50:17 +0900, Robert Fisher <> wrote:

> I have been recently plagued with many questions on building large scale
> redundant high performance server clusters for the company I am working
> for.

I am afraid you may have posed the question poorly, as I am not
*exactly* sure what you are looking for.

My last job was sysadmin for a biotech software company, [1] so to me,
"high performance" means clusters and message-passing systems and
massively parallel algorithms. If that is what you are after, start
here for a decent overview:

If you just want a scalable webserver platform, that would be a better
question for Tim Hurman, the BBC's sysadmin. (Tim, you still



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