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Re: [tlug] Re: Alan Cox's remark at Fosdem

Uva Coder wrote:
> On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 10:44:49 +0900, simon colston <> wrote:
>>It is also nice to have a choice.  Also good, healthy competition can
>>improve projects too.
> To me that is like saying we should fork the Linux kernel and keep the
> forks separate because it will improve Linux overall. 

Nice combination - mailer to the midrif and a kernel to the chin :-)  I 
don't know if forking the kernel would improve Linux overall but IMHO 
choice and competition *can* improve projects

 > I don't see the
> benefit besides making someone feel good about making a decision that
> leads to a similar result. Then we aren't dealing with engineering
> anymore but psychology perhaps.

The forking could also be for engineering reasons.  And it doesn't 
necessarily have to be a fork - if you don't like any of the mailers out 
there you can write your own.  But basically there are always 
compromises made in any design.  I don't believe that there is always 
'one way' to do anything.  When we choose the software we use it may be 
based on personal taste but it could also be based on engineering 
decisions too.

simon colston

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