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[tlug] Re: Security question with grep/e...

Tobias Diedrich <> wrote:
>> Jim Breen wrote:
>> > Internally I use EUC-JP, both 2-byte and the 3-byte JIS X 0212 variety
>> > (I'm probably the only person in the galaxy doing the latter.).
>> Is JIS X 0212 the one including doublewidth german umlauts?

Sure is. You can see them by looking up something like "okagesamade"
in WWWJDIC using the Japanese-French file. The Japanese-German one there
currently uses the oe/ue/etc. convention, but I'll be changing to 
another file shortly which will have proper umlauts, etc.

>> At least mutt converts umlauts to doublewidth umlauts if I use it with
>> LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.

Well, they are the only ones available for mixing Japanese and Latin
diacritics in a Japanese codeset. Only Unicode, or hybrids like ISO-2022
can mix them properly.


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