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[tlug] Re: Japanese Word processor for linux

David Oftedal wrote:

> >You may have to add the locale (ja_JP.SJIS) to /etc/locale.gen and run
> >locale-gen to generate it.
> You can do that? I've always done it manually with localedef. (Though 
> what I've generated is a ja_JP.UTF-8, locale, not SJIS.

At least in Debian, yes.
However /usr/sbin/locale-gen is a shellscript, so it may be a Debianism:


set -e

if [ -n "$POSIXLY_CORRECT" ]; then

[ -f $LOCALEGEN -a -s $LOCALEGEN ] || exit 0;

# Remove all old locale dir and locale-archive before generating new
# locale data.
rm -rf /usr/lib/locale/* || true

umask 022

echo "Generating locales..."
while read locale charset; do \
	case $locale in \#*) continue;; esac; \
	[ -n "$locale" -a -n "$charset" ] || continue
	echo -n "  `echo $locale | sed 's/\([^.\@]*\).*/\1/'`"; \
	echo -n ".$charset"; \
	echo -n `echo $locale | sed 's/\([^\@]*\)\(\*\)*/\2/'`; \
	echo -n '...'; \
        if [ -f $LOCALES/$locale ]; then input=$locale; else \
        input=`echo $locale | sed 's/\([^.]*\)[^@]*\(.*\)/\1\2/'`; fi; \
	localedef -i $input -c -f $charset -A /etc/locale.alias $locale; \
	echo ' done'; \
echo "Generation complete."

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