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Re: [tlug] Red Hat Linux end-of-life

Quoth Godwin Stewart <>

> Tue, 04 Nov 2003 15:13:22 +0000 scripsit Josh Glover:
> > PS: At least [X]Emacs doesn't suck, like your beloved vi.
> <troll>
> Too right! [X]Emacs sucks like nothing else on Earth (or elsewhere)
> </troll>

Oh har har. Walked right into that one, didn't I?

How sysadmins use vi, amazes me not. vi is very good at altering files. Now how
*coders* use vi to actually compose code, *that* is beyond my understanding.

Hence I must write you and B0ti off as 14m3rZ.


PS: I just tried to C-y my tags. In a webmail thingy. :) I guess I get spoiled
    by the fact that Mozilla allows me to use C-a and C-e to jump to the
    beginning and end of lines. Do you vi jockeys find yourself hitting dd and
    mad`aP a lot in web browser text areas? :)
PPS: I *do* use vi as my Mutt editor, and to touch up files, and to edit all
     of my config files. Just not to code. For that, XEmacs (note here that
     the X is *not* optional, XEmacs has many coder-friendly features that
     GNU Emacs has not yet adopted).
PPPS: I find it mildly amusing that a holy war rages *within* the Emacs camp:
      X vs. GNU. In case you were wondering where my loyalties lie, I will 
      leave you with this jewel: "Screw GNU!"

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