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Re: [tlug] More on non-operational USB mouse in Debian 3.0r1

Jonathan Byrne wrote:

> - Once, while starting up, modprobe reports it cannot locate the modules
> for hid, usbkbd, input, usbcore, usb-uhci, and usbmouse.  Next, the modules
> all get loaded (by hotplug, I believe).

If it cannot find the modules then you need to tweak your modutils.conf
This is my setup:
cat /etc/modutils/usb
alias char-major-188 off
alias char-major-13 hid
below hid mousedev
below printer usb-uhci
post-install usb-uhci /bin/mount -t usbdevfs none /proc/bus/usb
post-remove usb-uhci if [ -f /proc/bus/usb/devices ]; then /bin/umount
/proc/bus/usb; fi

Don't forget to run update-modules after adding stuff to /etc/modutils/.

>  I need to dig further into the relationship between modprobe and
> hotplug.

I never used hotplug. Is it any useful ?

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