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Re: [tlug] iptables: can't get logging to work

Quoth Jean-Christian Imbeault (Fri 2003-02-14 01:10:30PM +0900):
> I have set the default policy to DROP and added only ACCEPT rules, so 
> nothing gets DROPPED or REJECTED before making to the last (logging) 
> rule. The last rule should LOG anything that didn't match ... but I 
> can't find any iptables entries in /var/log/messages ...

That is because iptables, as part of the kernel, logs stuff using the kernel
logging facility. Check your /etc/syslog.conf (you are running Red Hat or
Mandrake, IIRC) to see where kernel messages get logged. Likely candidates
are /var/log/kmessages or /var/log/kern.

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