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Re: [tlug] OpenOffice.org1.0.2

On Thursday 06 February 2003 15:35, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> I work at a small IT consulting startup in Viet Nam, and last week the
> owner (a native Japanese speaker) gave me a one-page advertisement for our
> company so that I could check the English and make any technical or design
> corrections I thought were necessary.  Importing this 20 megabyte(!)
> document was really rough.  Granted, I blame Office XP for much of this,
> but I would like to see OO better able to handle such cruft.

One should remember that new versions of MS-Office often have problems with 
doucments created in earlier versions (->Access).  The worst case is people 
with different versions working on the same document ... 

But in case of Graphics Design/ Layout I think it is very uncommon to use 
different versions of the program.  I hear even in DTP there are differences 
between Pagemaker for Mac and PC, how can we expect OO or Star Office to work 
with it?


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