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[tlug] cvs Question

Hi Folks.

CVS question.
I am working with some code which is contained in a cvs repository and am having a problem getting a new directory/file which someone else has created and added in there copy of the code.

Here is a better description:

Someone else has added a new directory and file(in the new directory).  When
I used 

cvs update

in my copy of the code I do not get the new directory and file and 

cvs diff 

in my copy of the code dosen't say that anything is missing(I was expecting it to say that my copy dosen't include the the directory and file that the other person checked in).

If I do 

cvs update <directory name of the new directory>

I get nothing returned,

[ pages]$ cvs update adminPasswordChange 
[ pages]$ 

But if I do

cvs update <bogus non existent directory name>

[ pages]$ cvs update bogusDirName
cvs server: nothing known about bogusDirName -(1)

I get the message (1).  So presumably cvs knows about the new directory the 
other person has checked in.
Also, if I check out all the code in a different directory the new directory and file get checked out.

What options do I need to use with cvs to get the new directory/file pulled
down onto my local copy of the code?



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