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[tlug] Re: Correction: Re: epcEditor

Jim Breen <> writes:

> [Mike Fabian ([tlug] Re: Correction: Re: epcEditor) writes:]
>>> Jim Breen <> writes:
>>> Keiichi Takahashi <>, Reinhard Max <>,
>>> Jeffrey Hobbs <> and me fixed this recently in the
>>> upstream tcl/Tk sources. 
> Ah again. I had a lot of email exchanges with all three of them last year
> on this topic. Keiichi gave me a "Japanese patch" which partly fixed
> input, but screwed a couple of other things, which pleased me not.

Yes, but this time we got it right I think. I had checked Keiichis
huge "Japanese patch" reduced it to a very small patch containing only
the really necessary stuff which was then accepted and comitted by

Mike Fabian   <>

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