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[tlug] Short time listener, first time caller...

Hello Everyone,

Very nice to find an english speaking group talking about Japanese Linux.

I have a question:
How do I make the 'delete' key delete the character under the cursor (rather than the character preceding the cursor) in kterm?

Should really introduce myself.  I'll answer the New Year's Poll to give you some idea of who I am...

Your Name: Simon Colston.  Live in Okinawa, work for an Okinawan company and have an Okinawan wife.
Your Main Distro: Vine Linux (  V 2.1.5
Your Desktop Environment: GNOME.  Although...
Your Favourite Editor:  Emacs
Your Mailer: Sylpheed
Your XTerm: kterm
Your browser: Mozilla
Things that you want to do this year:  Take Japanese Test Level 1
Whatever you Love:  West Bromwich Albion, Yan-Yan (1yr old Rottweiler)
Whatever you Hate:  Having to spell colour 'C-O-L-O-R'
Any Comment:
The nomikais look a lot of fun.  Hope I can arrange a trip to Tokyo for one soon.


株式会社 レキサス
沖縄県宜野湾市大謝名 3-4-1 光ビル3F
TEL  098-870-2550     FAX  098-870-2551
     コールストン サイモン 
     Simon Colston

◆レキサス、ライコスジャパンの情報管理ツールを共同開発! 2001/12/14

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