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Re: [tlug] debian japanese -it aint pretty

but it works!

In my frustration I took to hacking around with xmodmap.

xmodmap -e "clear mod1"

Seems to fix the problem. I can now Alt-Meta to my hearts delight. 

I will have to put up at page about this. Tommorow. ok, so all told this
took about 12 hours of hacking on the box. Things went pretty well until
alt-meta broke. I should get a life. ;) 

thanks for all your comments and help. 

oh yes, I learned a new unix command while I was at it: 

(for bash)

for file in `grep -l mod1 *` ; do cp $file $file.bak; 
sed -e s/mod1/mod3/ $file > $file ; done;

which accomplished exactly nothing. But was a good use of bash
none the less. 



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