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Re: [tlug] Dvorak on Linux

> The passage I liked was: "I think the Linux community might keep Linux 
> off the desktop-just because of fanaticism. There's no bigger turnoff to 
> most of humanity than to be associated with a bunch of scary lunatics 
> or creepy nutballs."
> Obviously the `scary lunatics or creepy nutballs' doesn't apply to any 
> TLUG people   8-)}

Hehe, I saw a wired article that characterized Linux users in this
way. I lost a lot of respect for the magazine for publishing drivel like
that. And my response was, who cares about the desktop market anyhow? 

However, now I would like to see better ease of set up for desktop apps on linux
systems. I have thought of moving to OS X for this very reason. I would
rather spend my time focusing on interesting problems rather than trying
to get basic functionality out of desktop apps. At least with Linux
once, you get everything set up, it usually works well after that. 

And you can't run OS X on the subnotebook of your choice ;)

What really does scare me is MS's movement into the server market. I
read on SlashDot that Dell recently dropped Linux support. After reading
about MS's dealing with vendors and AOL regarding Netscape Navigator
there is no doubt in my mind that this is a result of direct pressure
from MS. 


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