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RE: [tlug] epcEditor

>>>>> "JB" == Jim Breen <> writes:

    JB> [Charles Muller (RE: [tlug] epcEditor) writes:]
    JB> [...]

    JB> Understood. Emacs is surely a wondrous thing (either that, or
    JB> there has been mass hallucination among otherwise intelligent
    JB> people), but it's like Reverse-Polish Notation - elegant and
    JB> precise, but incomprehensible if you don't make the time and
    JB> commitment to immersing yourself in it.

    >>> I've heard again and again from my more technically-capable
    >>> colleagues about the wonders of Emacs.

    JB> I have too, repeatedly. I have even made a a few tentative
    JB> forays in its direction, only to driven back by a myriad of
    JB> non-intuitive keystrokes.  I decided life was too short, and
    JB> my time would be better spent on something easier, like trying
    JB> to learn to speak Japanese.

I feel really proud of myself after reading your mail, thanks :))

Viktor, an emacs user

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