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Re: [tlug] CD Writers

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On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 12:14:38PM -0600, Stuart Luppescu wrote:
> I'm using cdrecord (which contains mkisofs, and a bunch of other stuff),
> cdlabelgen, and gcombust, a front end for the first two. It works fine
> as root, but I can't get it to run as a regular user. I get this kind of
> messages:
> /usr/bin/cdrecord: Operation not permitted. WARNING: Cannot do
> mlockall(2).
> /usr/bin/cdrecord: WARNING: This causes a high risk for buffer
> underruns.
> /usr/bin/cdrecord: Operation not permitted. WARNING: Cannot set
> RR-scheduler
> /usr/bin/cdrecord: Permission denied. WARNING: Cannot set priority using
> setpriority().
> /usr/bin/cdrecord: WARNING: This causes a high risk for buffer
> underruns.
> scsidev: '0,1,0'
> scsibus: 0 target: 1 lun: 0
> Linux sg driver version: 3.1.20
> I've set the console.perms so I own the devices, so I know that's not
> the problem. Anyone have any ideas?
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> Stuart Luppescu       -=-
> University of Chicago -=- CCSR 
> 才文と智奈美の父    -=- Kernel 2.4.14-xfs              
> "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive."   -- Sir Arthur
>  Conan Doyle, "A Study in Scarlet" 

This is very likely a permissions problem since it runs fine as root.
Permission to write to a single device is usually not enough for
burning CDs. Check /dev/sg* and /dev/scd* and make sure you have write

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A. Sajjad Zaidi
System Administrator
Technology & Operations Div.
Digital Garage Inc.

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