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Re: [tlug] Selective mojibake email

"Viktor Pavlenko" <> suffered thusly:

> Well, once I had to write a couple of perl scripts to parse and output
> RTF, a genuine Microsoft invention. Can you believe it, RTF produced
> by word wouldn't parse according to their own specs! Not to tell you
> what a dreadful format it was...

You know Wordpad, the one that's built into MS overrating systems and takes
control of .doc files when Word isn't installed?  Word (at least versions 95
and 97) even has trouble reading .rtf files written by Wordpad, and

Of course, in a lot of companies it's standard for developers not to read
each other's specs, and it's standard for managers not to even read specs
that they themselves write.  Therefore maybe Microsoft actually conforms to
two standards.

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