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[tlug] VI and JIS text (Not S-JIS)

Hi all - 
This morning, I'm trying to work on some code in vi on Linux, specifically some code from the Japanese Windows version of Delphi.
The problem is, when I boot into Japanese Gnome, Gvim loads the file as Shift-JIS, when the encoding is really JIS, so I get 'mojibake' for the Japanese text.
I know Gvim has the option of "set fe=japan".  (fe stands for File Encoding) 
I tried "set fe=JIS" but that's not a valid option.

Anyone run into this before?  Is there a "set fe=" option that would work?

(I don't want to convert the text out of JIS, because I have to drop it back into Delphi later to compile.)
I'm running Delphi for Windows, translating strings J->E.  I set up Delphi's editor to display DBCS, but it's that kind of display where the Japanese text is not really editable - as soon as you go into the word, it stops being really editable - turns into $%*%^$...

Thanks in advance

PS - If there's another editor (except emacs) that would work, please let me know!

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