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[tlug] Re: up2date but no copy/paste

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Tony Laszlo wrote:

> Sounded like 
> a good idea at the time, 
> but now I can't cut a paste 
> anything from kterm to kterm 
> window. 

Actually, the cut and paste 
is there, but the mouse button 
response is quite different 
than it was (so different, I 
thought it wasn't working). 

My ps/2 mouse has two buttons 
and I use the three button 
emulation. Until the update, 
I was able to hold down the 
left button and then click 
the right button, to produce 
the movement needed for pasting. 
Now, however, it seems that I 
must hit both keys at precisely 
the same time. I like the 
previous situation; is there 
some setting that I can change 
to reproduce that? 

Thanks in advance. 

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