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Re: [tlug] NEWS: Linux in Asia

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 11:27:08AM +0900, Tony Laszlo wrote:
>    "A new survey of 850 companies by Gartner Asia-Pacific revealed that 15
>    percent of companies in the region--excluding Japan--used Linux in the
>    fourth quarter.
>    In  the  same quarter of 2000, the adoption rate was between 5 percent
>    and  7  percent"

That's an interesting figure.  Our faculty is starting a project aimed at
helping several developing countries in Asia improve their electronic
infrastructure for dissemination the law.  Between Christmas and New Year last
year (we're dedicated, what can I say), three of us made our initial visit, to
government offices in Vietnam.  It struck me that there is real interest in
improving dissemination, and that shifting away from a proprietary software
base would give their efforts a big boost.  It looks like others may see
things in the same way.

(I'm the biggest Linux/Unix fan in the group, so this should be read as my
personal opinion, not that of the research group.)


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