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RE: [tlug] Newly compiled Kernel woes:defconfig

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Mancy, Raymond wrote:

> Does anybody know where the defconfig for RH7.1 is? I know that RH does not
> put i in the usual /usr/src/linux directory. I did a search but the only
> defconfig I could find is from the current kernel...I dont think I deleted
> it..
> Cheers
> Ray
Isn't there a /usr/src/linux-2.4 there?  It should be in that.

Quite awhile back, I had a similar problem with kernel compilation errors,
and did as Jonathan suggested, which fixed it.  (In my case, it had to do
with make bzImage failing due to something or other). You'll see a
directory called configs
and in there will be a bunch of them, like kernel-2.4.7-i586.config.

FWIW, last time I did Linux from Scratch, had similar problems--figured
that I'd forgotten to do make modules modules_install so went back and
recompiled--however, it didn't get fixed till I did make mrproper first.
I also reinstalled modutils--as I was getting aggravated over it, I didn't
do this one step at a time to see which caused the problem, but at any
rate, it was fixed upon reboot.

Scott Robbins

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