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PostgreSQL talk

The conference in Kyoto might be a bit of a strain to get to, but is 
the talk for Software Research Associates, December 4, 2000, here in 
Tokyo?  Is this the same group that hosted Eric Raymond when he was 
here a while back?

Steve Carter

>Bruce is a true wizard of PostgreSQL and the author of a new book on
>Postgres to be published by Addison Wesley.
>I don't remember any mention of the Japan Linux Conference (looks like
>it's in Akihabara) on this list... did I just miss it?
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>Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 01:17:03 -0500 (EST)
>From: Bruce Momjian <>
>To: PostgreSQL-announce <>,
>      PostgreSQL-general <>
>Subject: [GENERAL] Upcoming speeches
>I have several speeches coming up.  Two are in Japan in the next week,
>and others are later in the year.  I am leaving on Tuesday for nine days
>in Japan.
>Attached is a list of all my scheduled speeches.  You can get more
>information from my web site at in the section
>	History of PostgreSQL - Presentation
>	         Japan Linux Conference, December 1, 2000
>	         Software Research Associates, December 4, 2000
>	         Compaq Alpha Engineering Group, December 14, 2000
>	         Linux World Expo,    January 31, 2000
>The Compaq speech is in Boston, and Linux Expo in New York City.  I will
>be in Los Angeles December 27-January 7 if anyone needs me to speak on
>the West Coast.
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>               |  (610) 853-3000
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>Next Nomikai (and Bonenkai!): December 15 (Fri)
>Next Technical Meeting: January, 2001
>more info:           Sponsor: Global Online Japan

Stephen N. Carter, CTO
GetSmart Wireless
Tokyo    Japan

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