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Re: about XFree86-3.3.3

>>>>> "Chester" == Chester  <> writes:

    Chester> I am using XFree86- on my netwinder box(strongarm
    Chester> based), and write a program to test locale environment of
    Chester> ja.

    Chester> It can work with setlocale and XSupprtsLocale
    Chester> function,but can't display ja(EUC-JP) char correctly.

What is the program? What do you expect it to do?  How is it failing?
Does it work as expected on other platforms?  Is Xlib compiled to use
libc setlocale, or Xlib's private XSetlocale version (which was
typical of Japanese environments until not too long ago)?

Is Xlib even supposed to display EUC?  I thought you had to translate
each byte to the 32-127 range to get it to work right (the font info
will tell you that, anyway).  Have you tried straight JIS?

>>>>> "cs" == Christopher Sekiya <> doth froth at the mouth:

    cs> Work with XF86-4.X.

That's a prayer, right?  So far, nothing works 100% right with XFree86
4.x for me.

Except Ctrl-Alt-F1, thank heavens.  :-)

However, having 1600x1200 display without glitches is a HUGE plus. (I think it was) couldn't do it on my hardware (maybe I
boofed the config, but XF86 4.0 uses the same numbers quite happily).

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