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Re: hardware question : P2B and PIII 800

> > I have an ASUS P2B motherboard with a Pentium II 450 Mhz, and I want to
> > replace the processor with a Pentium III 800 MHz. Would it work?
>   Sorry I didn't see this message till today.  I was asking the same
> question at about the same time.  The answer - and I hope it's still
> relevant - that I got was that it depends on the onboard voltage 
> regulator chip (right between the ATX power connection and the back ports).
> On the older P2Bs the serial number of that chip ends in ..CB (e.g.
> HIP6019CB) and you're out of luck.  The 1.65V CPU just won't boot - I'm
> told.  Some of the P2Bs (actually, P2BF - but not all of them) have a
> voltage regulator chip with serial number ending in ...CBC and they
> can work with the 1.65V Coppermine processors.  

Well, I am out of luck.  I borrowed  a P III 800 MHz, and it didn't work
on my P2B, which has an old PCB revision number (1.02). According to
ASUS technical ref. pages, PIII is supported from PCB REv. 1.12

>   Hope this may still be relevant.  Cheers, Dennis

Thanks Dennis 


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