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double byte chars in From header

>>>>> "Viktor" == Viktor Pavlenko <> writes:

    Viktor> I'm having trouble viewing email with double byte
    Viktor> characters in the `From' header. VM under emacs chokes and
    Viktor> I have to edit my mail box manually to get rid of the
    Viktor> offending characters that look, for instance, like this:

    Viktor> =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCJUAlUyVDJUklKCVJJSIlayVJGyhC?=

    Viktor> Is it a VM problem?

Not likely.  VM has handled MIME encoded-words almost correctly (it
had problems with continued encoded words, but it simply left them
alone) since about version 6.40.  This should not be a problem in the
From header.  I haven't used 6.76 though (I'm about to upgrade to
6.82 from 6.75).

Under XEmacs, it may choke if the encoded word is _very_ short (one or
two characters) and very close (one or two characters) to the end of
the header section.  This is an XEmacs bug (XEmacs Mule clears all
markers inside a region when converted with `decode-coding-region').
I don't know what Emacs does in the same circumstance.

This particular bug can be worked around by using C-p or C-n to move
to the correct line in the summary and striking the space key once or
twice or maybe three times.  But it seems very unlikely that the From
header would be last.

    Viktor> What does the standard say?

Use VM with XEmacs; Emacs is unsupported.  :-)  This policy may have
changed very recently (I haven't followed VM development since about
6.65), but it's likely to change back the next time Emacs semantics
change gratuitously in a way that affects VM adversely.

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