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Re: Setting the language of a man page

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000 19:14:26 +0900
Antony Stace <> wrote:

>  Hi Folks
> I have just installed Redhat Linux 7.0 Japanese version.  I have it
> configured so that when it boots ot goes to the GUI login screen.  When
> I log in I choose English as the language.  All the icons on the
> desktop,Gnome Applications and Netscape come up in English, however when
> I do a 
> $man <command name>
> I get garbage, its not even in Japanese when inside a kterm.  What do I
> have to set so that I get English man pages.

Its probably because you dont have the english version of the man pages.
As i know, man too checks for the environment to see what man pages to use. Look for the version in english.

But i have a question to you. Havent you had any problems with RedHat 7? I have been upgrading from rpms and got a lot of them.
Before, i could see japanese directories and files listed on kterm and rxvt. Now i can only see them if my environment variables are set to english.
Also Netscape behaves wrong when i try to save something, again, only if i have the japanese environment variables set. Like LANG=ja_JP and LC_ALL=ja_JP.
Sylpheed also crashes every now and then when i try to start it. It never crashed before. Of course, i havent installed all rpms yet, because i get them from modem.

bye bye

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