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Re: FreeBSD vs. Linux (another question)

Jack Morgan wrote:
> How different is FreeBSD from Linux. I'm currently running Debian potato and
> wanted to try FreeBSD. Any potential pitfalls? Concerns? Advice?

I have been told by some people (that I think should know) that
FreeBSD disk I/O is faster than Linux. 
I don't know but this sound like superstition to me. I mean: If 
FreeBSD is faster, what is there to stop the Linux maintainers
to read the BSD code and steal (sorry, borrow) whatever ideas and
design required to make Linux disk I/O faster.

Is there any truth to the claim?

/Fredric Fredricson

PS. I know FreeBSD removed the 2G-limit centuries ago so the file
system may be better in some respects, but faster???

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