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Re: wtmp file

On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 09:24:52AM +0900, Antony Stace wrote:
> Where is the size of the wtmp file specified before something(what is
> this something?) rolls it over to wtmp.1.

There is a cron script somewhere that is rotating that log.

> that I want to have mutiple wtmp.X logs so I don't lose this
> information.

RedHat uses 'logrotate' to rotate wtmp (among many other system
logs).  The rotation of wtmp is controlled by /etc/logrotate.conf
which by default rotates it monthly and keeps only the previous
month's logs.  'logrotate' is highly configurable and can be
instructed to rotate logs based on time and/or size, how many
old logs to keep, what scripts to run before or after rotation,

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo   ICQ: 5981586

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