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Re: Japanese Input

YAMAGATA Hiroo wrote:

> At 20:18 00/11/01 +0900, you wrote:
> >but have to start kinput everytime before using the
> >FEP. Any ideas how to get kinput2 to start
> >automatically. Tried various things to start kinput
> >automatically
> Could you describe the "various things?" .bashrc
> and .xinit that sort of things?

Mike Fabian wrote:

> Put this line in your .xinitrc and/or .xsession.

Putting the command in .xinitrc causes my Xserver to crash.
Putting it in the .xsession fails to start kinput2.
Can't put it in .bashrc since I have to have X running
so as to start kinput.

YAMAGATA Hiroo wrote:

> Also, do you mean that you have multiple kinput2s
> running simultaniously, or does it die on you each time
> so that you have to restart kinput2?

No I do not have multiple kunput2s running. I have to start
kinput2 manually once for each logon session.


Venkatesh Raghavan
Osaka City University

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