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Agenda Linux offer

Hello!  This reply came concerning an inquiry I made a while back about the
Agenda VR3 Linux Handheld, I wanted to order one.
Well, I know you're all interested in developing apps on it so you might as
well complete the fairly easy VR3 developer program
sign-up process so you can order a pre-release for USD $179. (becomes $213
for shipping to Japan).
It seemed like a good deal to me but....??.

>If you??d like to sign up for the Agenda Developer Program, please go to
> and click on ??Developer??.  After you??ve signed
up as
>a member of the Agenda Developer program, you??ll be able to access the
>Form for the specially priced Agenda VR3 Developer Edition.

here's a  link to the sign up.


>>The VR3 Developer Edition is fully software-upgradeable, so you can
stay on top of the rapidly advancing software technology that is
being developed for the VR3.

It includes:

    - 16MB Flash
    - 8MB RAM
    - 2 AAA batteries
    - an internal backup battery
    - an IrDA port for IR data exchange with other computers, phones, and
    - a consumer IR port for remote control
    - a headset with built-in microphone
    - a desktop cradle and PC serial cable

This compact and attractive device comes in a two-tone combination of
charcoal-black and frost colors, and includes a matching stylus.

The VR3 Developer Edition is a $249 value, but we are making it available
to Agenda Developer Program members for only $179 (plus applicable sales tax
and shipping). Quanities are limited, so get your order in soon. <<

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