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tlug: linux and Japanese language

I don't know almost anything about how to make Japanese language work in
linux (I'm running RH 6.1J) and have many doubts. Here are some of them (I'm
very sorry, because I think they must have been answered too many times

- Are cannaserver and wnn (jserver) exclusive ? (is it wrong or is it a
waste of memory to have running them both?) If I have both running, how can
I choose which one to use when inputting japanese characters.

- When I run kterm (after executing kinput2) I am able to enter japanese
characters when I press shift+spacebar. The problem is with the conversion:
in most cases I don't get the correct kanjis or katakanas. Is there
something like MS-IME that shows me a window with the conversion candidates?
Craig Oda's tutorial shows a figure in which kinput2 opens that window, but
I can't make it appear in my PC.

- I downloaded and compiled xemacs (21.1.9) but the problem is that I can't
insert Japanese characters. I think that when I run configure (before
running make) I need to enter some parameters to support Japanization. If
it's true, which parameters do I have to set?

- I can enter Japanese characters in netscape using cut & paste from a kterm
window. Is there a way to enter Japanese characters directly?

Thanks in advance


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