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Re: tlug: Linux DBMS

Subba Rao ( wrote:

> I am currently looking at using a DBMS server on a Linux system.
> Are Linux systems used as DBMS servers? If yes, what HW configuration
> would be recommended for a DBMS server for a e-Business application?

Yes.  We have Oracle on a couple.  You want tons of memory, really.
There's no such thing as too much.  256 meg is a nice minimum figure,
but if this is going to be a database of any size, more is much better.
512 meg is a good starting point, and going to a full gigabyte right
off that bat wouldn't be unreasonable.

> Which DBMS systems perform well on Linux and are not resource hogs?

That sounds like sort of an Oxymoron to me, a DBMS system that is
not a resource hog :-)  MySQL performs well, and I understand
Postgresql also does.  Oracle is more resource-intensive, but that
is to be expected with high-end databases.  MySQL or Postgresql may
meet all of your needs, but if they don't or a high-end proprietary
database is your corporate standard, through plenty of hardware
at it.

Reliability is really important in a production database server, so
I would recommend RAID with hot-swappable disks (hardware
RAID is best for performance).  Redundant power supplies are good,
too.  Of course, if you're in a situation where you don't have that
level of mission-criticality, you can save a lot of money by not
doing some of this stuff.

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